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PhD Clinical Psychology: Research Labs

All students in the PhD Clinical Psychology Program are required to participate in faculty-led research groups during their second and third years in the program – for 6 consecutive quarters.

Students entering research labs in 2023-24

  • The deadline for submitting your applications to each of the research groups to which you are applying is: April 22, 2024 at 11:59pm
  • You will be notified of research lab placement on: May 20, 2024 at 4pm.
See table below for link to individual Research Labs.



Links to Labs


Research LabFacultyMore Info
Research on Intersectional Sexual and Gender Identity Experiences (RISE)Kimberly Balsam, PhDPrintable PDF
Maternal and Digital Research for Equitable Solutions (MADRES) LabAlinne Barrera, PhDPrintable PDF
Innovation and Gaming LabCharlotte Beard PhDPrintable PDF
Clinical Crises and Emergencies Research (CCER) LaboratoryBruce Bongar, PhDWebsite
Multicultural Suicide Research CenterBruce Bongar, PhD & Joyce Chu PhDPrintable PDF
Peace and Human Rights **Not accepting new students**Lisa Brown, PhD, ABPPPrintable PDF
Risk and Resilience Research Lab **Not accepting new students**Lisa Brown, PhD, ABPPPrintable PDF
Children and Adolescents Psychotherapy and TechnologyEduardo Bunge, PhDPrintable PDF
Casaletto LabDr. Kaitlin CasalettoPrintable PDF
Ethnic Minority Mental HealthJoyce Chu, PhDPrintable PDF
Early Intervention ClinicMatthew Cordova, PhDPrintable PDF
Wellness in Aging Lab (WIN Lab)Kaci Fairchild, PhDPrintable PDF
Developmentally Informed Policy & PracticeAmanda Fanniff, PhDPrintable PDF
Center for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth (CSTAY)Robert Friedberg, PhDPrintable PDF
Aging, Neuropsychology, and DepressionRowena Gomez, PhDPrintable PDF
Palo Alto Addictions Research Center (PAARC)Amie Haas, PhDPrintable PDF
Personality and Social NormsJanice Habarth, PhDPrintable PDF
Behavioral Research and Assessment in Neuropsychology (BRAIN)Rayna Hirst, PhDPrintable PDF
Empowerment and Violence Prevention, Mood Disorders, & NeuropsychologyJennifer Keller, PhDPrintable PDF
Substance Use and Intergenerational Trauma Social Processes (SITS) LabSatveer Kler, M.A.Printable PDF
Borderline Personality Disorder, Emotion Science, and Treatment Lab (BESTLab) **Not accepting new students**Janice Kuo, PhD Printable PDF
Choice-making And Computer Technology for Unipolar depression (CACTUs) LabYan Leykin, PhDPrintable PDF
Memory Abilities and Processes LabDaniel A. Levy, PhD. Research AdvisorPrintable PDF
REAL Lives LabLiz McConnell, PhDPrintable PDF
The Affective Development LabEleanor Palser, PhDPrintable PDF
Culture, Community, and Global Mental HealthSita Patel, PhDPrintable PDF
Digital Health & Education Research (DHER) LabBlanca Pineda, Ed.D.Printable PDF
Socioemotional Neuropsychology LabKate Rankin, PhDPrintable PDF
Transdiagnostic Attention Intervention (TRAIN) LabMikael Rubin, PhDPrintable PDF
Cognitive Processes and Neurological Correlates (CPNC) LabTilman Schulte, PhDPrintable PDF
STRENGTHS LabDr. Pei-Chun TsaiPrintable PDF
Trauma, Diversity, and Systemic Change LabKayleigh Watters, Ph.D.Printable PDF
ForensicChris Weaver, PhDPrintable PDF
Trauma and Personality Studies (TAPS) labMatthew Yalch, PhDPrintable PDF