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Risk and Resilience Research Lab

The Risk and Resilience Research Lab focuses on:

  • Exploring mental health needs and use of evidence-based interventions and treatments with underserved populations (e.g., refugees, homeless, older adults, nursing home residents, ethnic minorities)
  • Developing and implementing programs for people who have experienced traumatic events (e.g., disaster, terrorism, suicide, relocation, violence)
  • Investigating the determinants of resilience and risk in response to life stressors and traumatic events;
  • Using social marketing and community participatory research strategies to facilitate engagement in healthcare and social services
  • Refining and evaluating public health initiatives and interventions to enhance disaster planning, response, and recovery

Recent Risk and Resilience Research Lab studies have examined behavioral health and disasters, late-life suicide, homelessness, mental health assessment and intervention, palliative care, and end-of-life issues. For more information, please see the Risk and Resilience Research Lab website.

Student papers, presentations, and professional development: During their 1st and 2nd year, all Risk and Resilience Research Lab members are working on independent writing and research projects as pre-dissertation training experiences. Lab members work collaboratively with each other and with Dr. Brown on new and existing projects. The goals of the Risk and Resilience Research Lab are to foster a) research competency b) writing proficiency, c) presentation skills, and d) professional development. The Risk and Resilience Research Lab will be of particular interest to students with strong writing abilities and solid statistical skills who aspire to publish study findings in scientific journals.

Openings:  In 2018 there will be 3 lab openings for students who are interested in establishing their own program of research. Research can be focused on forensics, neuropsychology, global mental health, adult trauma (e.g., screening, diagnosis, treatment), or resilience.

Apply: Interested students are invited to submit the following documents for consideration for lab membership by 5 PM on the uniform research group application deadline established by PAU:

1.     Current PAU unofficial transcript sent to:

2.     Application document using this link:

3.     CV and brief essay sent as a single pdf to:


*Application essay instructions:  Write a 300-word (minimum) to 500-word (maximum) essay describing your past research experience, unique qualifications (e.g., statistical skills, software proficiency, writing ability), and career interests (e.g., type of internship placement, ideal employment goal – academic, VA, nonprofit). This is an opportunity to present yourself as a professional, showcase your writing skills, and make a solid argument as to why you are a good fit with our lab based on skills and your short and long-term goals.

Based on your application materials, Dr. Brown and current research lab members will interview a select group of applicants. You can use the interview opportunity to learn if the research lab is a good fit for you.


Notification:  Students who are accepted into Risk and Resilience Research Lab will be notified by email by the PAU uniform notification date. New lab members will be selected based on merit and degree of fit with their research interests and potential lab projects.


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