Children and Adolescents Psychotherapy and Technology (CAPT)


The Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy (CAPT) Research Lab began at Palo Alto University in California.  Founded and led by Dr. Eduardo Bunge in 2013, the CAPT Labemphasizes an evidence based approach to childhood and adolescent disorders and the integration of new technologies.  The group seeks to enhance clinical practice by developing and evaluating evidence-based psychological interventions using Internet sites, eHealth, mHealth, apps and other technological applications.  Some examples of the studied technologies include computer-aided psychotherapy, online and text based interventions, video games, apps, and wearable devices. 

This group is highly goal oriented, meeting every week for 2 hours, reviewing each members progr ess and task completion for the previous week.  Lab works very collaboratively with one another, specifically working in groups on research projects with the overall topics of child disorders and technological interventions.


CAPT Website:


Eduardo Bunge, Ph.D. Research Advisor


Second Year Students:

Katerina Baeza-Hernandez:

Meagan Lasecke:

Mitchell Rees:


Third Year Students:

Gilly Dosovitsky:

Christine Isotalo:

Erick Kim:

Aleesia Renta-Ramirez:

Fourth Year Students:

Jillian Thrall:

Julia Rogers:

Scott Blanton:


How to apply: Interested students are asked to submit the following information to

1.   Curriculum Vitae

2.   Research interest statement/cover letter (no more than 200 words)

3.   Research proposal paper

4.   Any publications/posters

5.   Transcript


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