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Research Centers

The Center for Excellence in Diversity Established in September 2010 as an umbrella organization at the University to initiate, promote, and coordinate activities pertinent to diversity. Diversity refers to heterogeneity of people in society based on many different characteristics. Although diversity can encompass many different characteristics, particular attention is paid to ethnic minority, LGBTQ, and gender issues.

The Center for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth (CSTAY) A research lab emphasizing a cognitive behavioral approach to childhood anxiety disorders. CSTAY seeks to integrate clinical service, research, and training.

Institute for International Interventions for Health (i4Health) The Institute’s humanitarian mission is to develop, evaluate, and disseminate digital health interventions worldwide at no charge for all who want to use them.

Center for LGBTQ Evidence-Based Applied Research (CLEAR) The vision of CLEAR is that every person — adult or child — will have access to the social and psychological resources necessary to construct affirming identities congruent with their deepest selves.