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Research Centers & Clinics

Palo Alto University (PAU) was founded to improve lives, communities, and society through education and research anchored in psychology. PAU provides clinical training and practice in a diversity of cultures and is dedicated to serving communities around the world. Bachelor’s, master's, and doctoral programs at PAU are designed to help students generate knowledge through research and scholarship while developing as individuals within a larger professional community.

PAU strives to expand the frontiers of psychological science and practice. The University maintains several international collaborations, supporting local clinical practicum training in China and Latin America. PAU is also in collaborative partnerships with many community organizations, including Stanford School of Medicine, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto Medical Center, and other mental health care organizations. The Gronowski Center, a University affiliated organization, delivers low-cost mental health services while also providing valuable, supervised training to PAU graduate students. In addition, PAU sponsors several academic centers devoted to child mental health, evidence-based care for LGBTQ clients, excellence in diversity and community care, and internet-based global healthcare. PAU is also developing programs to assist genocide survivors in Rwanda.

PAU’s commitment to scientific and professional rigor, a broad range of degree offerings, and opportunities for students to serve local and global communities make it well suited for students who aspire to improve the human condition.