PhD Clinical Training

PhD Clinical Training Faculty provide mentoring and clinical placement services to the PhD Clinical Psychology program students.

During the PhD program, students are required to complete clinical practicum training and a capstone 2,000-hr internship. To support the success of the PhD students, PhD Clinical Training Faculty provide:

  • Close faculty advising for students applying to practicum and internship

  • Mentoring and intensive professional development advising throughout clinical training

  • Review of practicum sites for quality assurance

Students enrolled in the program may visit the PhD Clinical Training Website for detailed application information and resources.

For Clinical Training administrative questions, contact:

Breanna Ross Practicum Coordinator Tel: 650-433-3815

To contact PhD Clinical Training Faculty:

Genevieve Arnaut, PsyD, PhD Director of Clinical Training Associate Professor Tel: 650-433-3845

Jayme Peta, PhD Associate Director of Clinical Training Assistant Professor Tel: 650-433-3842

John Liedecke, PhD Practicum Site Coordinator Assistant Professor