Vision, Mission, Strategic Pillars

PAU’s Path to Inclusive Excellence: Strategic Plan 2021–2026


A world in which insight into human behavior improves well-being and contributes to just and inclusive communities.


Through education, research, and training in psychology and counseling, PAU prepares its students to address pressing and emerging issues that equitably meet the needs of our ever-changing human condition.


Inclusive Excellence

Integrated Excellence


PAU’s Path to Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan 2021–2026

Strategic Pillar 1: Academic Excellence

Prioritize academic excellence as the cornerstone for PAU distinctiveness

Priority 1: Develop and enhance programs and curriculum.

Priority 2: Invest and advance professional development.

Priority 3: Maintain excellence in psychology and counseling education.


PAU Five Pillar Graphic

Strategic Pillar 2: Student Success

Enhance the PAU culture for student-centered excellence.

Priority 1: Adopt best practices in providing support services to enhance student success.

Priority 2: Adopt student-centered financial policies and practices.

Strategic Pillar 3: Operational Excellence

Enhance Invest in operational excellence for innovation and high performance

Priority 1: Strengthen organizational and technological infrastructures.

Priority 2: Improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies, making the best use of all PAU resources.

Strategic Pillar 4: Awareness

Enhance PAU’s regional and national identity and reputation.

Priority 1: Elevate the awareness and reputation of PAU.

Priority 2: Increase and strengthen engagement with key audiences.

Strategic Pillar 5: Financial Strength

Expand resources to support PAU Vision, Mission, and Values.

Priority 1: Assure continued strength of PAU’s financial position by diversifying revenue sources.

Priority 2: Develop and support initiatives that generate sustainable financial growth.