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Palo Alto University (PAU) faculty is comprised of talented and distinguished experts with a wide range of specialties. Faculty members are engaged in teaching, clinical practice or research, or a combination of the three and thus provide the knowledge, enthusiasm, and insights of those actively working in the field of psychology. Every faculty member is selected to model excellence in their specific professional endeavors; they teach and supervise based on their own extensive experience.

In parallel with the mission and values of PAU, faculty represent diverse experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and teaching approaches. Faculty also focus on a global approach while also understanding issues and topics on a local level.

PAU Faculty Directory

By applying a combination of a collaborative teamwork approach and focus on alleviating suffering worldwide by serving the PAU students, PAU staff add to an already excellent community. PAU staff contribute to the success of the students and research by supplying the tools they need to succeed.

PAU Staff Directory