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Meet our Alum and Students

The PAU Alumni Association brings together
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Our alumni are professionals, leaders, researchers, educators and changemakers who have gone on to build successful careers. 


Meet our Alum

Marion Minor, MS ‘22 Headshot
Marion Minor, MS ‘22

I entered the MS program to pursue a fulfilling second career in Behavioral Health. Coming to PAU was the best choice as it built upon my previous BA Psychology degree from UCSB, and the courses were online so I could continue with my business during the day. My professors and my cohort positively influenced how I think about and interact with our evolving communities – personal and professional.

Guinn Palo Alto University Alumni
Victoria Guinn, MS

My time in the MS program at PAU was an experience that allowed me to rediscover my passion for psychology. I entered the program looking to learn more about clinical psychology and connect with neuropsychology labs to help me determine if a PhD or PsyD. program was right for my goals. I experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth during the program that allowed me to confidently transition into the PhD program.

Taylor York, Palo Alto University Alumni
Taylor York, MS in Psychology Degree

Taylor completed her MS degree through PAU’s online program before transitioning to the PhD program as a second-year student. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Suffolk County Juvenile Court Clinic in Massachusetts where she is conducting forensic evaluations. She is currently working on multiple studies related to cultural competence in forensic assessment.

Milagros Escoredo MA* 2017
Milagros Escoredo MA in Counseling* 2017 - Google Program Manager

When I signed up at Palo Alto University, I never imagined I could end up working in the Silicon Valley tech world. PAU opened the door to explore the intersection between psychology and technology. *Graduated from the MA program but continually worked with MS faculty even after graduation and produced a chatbot through Artificial Intelligence that provided emotional support to different communities.

Michael Jacobs, MS, Class of 2019 – Biostatistician at UT Health San Antonio
Michael Jacobs, MS, Class of 2019 – Biostatistician at UT Health San Antonio

After graduating from the MS program, I had three jobs. All three jobs involved skills taught at PAU. The MS in Psychology degree prepares you to do many things beyond therapy related jobs. At UT Health, I use statistics to study the effect of poverty on surgical outcomes. Right now, I’m focused on return hospital visits, whether that be a quick visit to the ER, a hospital stay for observation, or a full-on readmission.

Rosie Mejia
Rosie Mejia, Admitted in a Doctoral Program with a full scholarship

Attending PAU’s Master of Science in Psychology program gave me numerous research opportunities and made me a competitive candidate for PhD programs. I joined PAU’s Latinx Task Force, a group of faculty, staff, and students that focus on preparing and training Latinx students to best serve Spanish-speaking communities.

Lana Bataresh, PAU Alumni
Lana Bataresh (2020 Cohort) National Center of PTSD - Mobile Apps for VA

Towards the end of my first year in the M.S. Psychology program at PAU, I found out about a unique opportunity to learn about integrating digital mental health in clinical environments. This opportunity allowed me to connect with a licensed psychologist who utilizes and develop mental wellness mobile apps with hopes their patients have evidence-based resources outside of sessions.

Nicole Caceres PAU Alumni Headshot
Nicole Caceres, Clinical Research Coordinator at Stanford

Choosing the MS program at Palo Alto University was one of the best decisions I could have made. This program has allowed me to keep learning while also being able to maintain a full-time job. It is convenient, challenging, and engaging. The professors are exceptional and provided me with an in-depth education in psychology.

Arya Zale
Arya Zale, MS '20: Paper Published and Scholarship

One of my favorite experiences has been working with a team of researchers in the CAPT lab and being the first author of a peer-reviewed article on Technology and Psychotherapeutic Interventions: Bibliometric Analysis of the Past Four Decades published in Internet Interventions Journal (Impact Factor 4.5). I look forward to the start of my next adventure which begins with a scholarship to postgraduate study at Massey University via the Master of Clinical Practice in Nursing.

Jessica Tan, MS headshot
Jessica Tan, MS Class of 2016 - Developer Experience Researcher at Google

The MS program at Palo Alto University contributed to my career by giving a strong foundation of knowledge in experimental research methods, statistics and clinical interviewing. I have been able to use these areas of knowledge in my day-to-day work as a UX Researcher through analyzing qualitative and quantitative user data as well as during user interviews.

James Jewitt, M.D., J.D. Image
James Jewett, MS, JD, Class of 2016 - Director for the U.S. Department of State

“I believe the program is perfect for a working professional like myself who couldn't attend a traditional graduate level program. I actually transferred to Palo Alto University from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology because I needed a program that was more challenging. I also like that the majority of the test needed to be proctored. I am currently an attorney and working in the Foreign Service, which is why I haven't pursued a PhD in Psychology. However, my goal is to continue with my PhD with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology."

Monica Done, MS
Monica Done, MS, Class of 2019 - Researcher at UCLA

“When I started the program I was working as a social science research professional at Stanford University. I pursued my masters at Palo Alto University (PAU) because it allowed me the flexibility of an online program with the education of exceptional professors who really encouraged me and challenged me to think critically about the field of psychology and mental health. I have greatly enjoyed the program and feel that I have significantly benefited from my education at PAU

Brian Seo, M.S.
Brian Seo, MS - PhD Student in Clinical Psychology

"I think some of the skills used in the M.S. program translated well, as I learned to take an initiative in my development and was more accustomed to finding information on my own. I also found a lot of support available to me during the M.S. program and during my own transition into the Ph.D. which I believe was essential in joining the existing cohort and finding success.”

Conor Harada image
Connor Harada, MS Class of 2019 - UX Researcher at Intuitive

"I initially entered the M.S. Psychology program with the intention of committing to a clinical psychology PhD program. Palo Alto University's (PAU) program was a perfect match while I was a working professional in pharmaceutical research for trauma disorders".

Adrian Cox PAU Alumni
Adrian Cox, MS, Class of 2016 - Vice President and Program Manager at JHT, Inc.

"I work for a tech company that develops educational and training solutions for customers in the government, academic, and healthcare sectors. The work I perform is quite wide-ranging but mostly involves analyzing requirements and designing solutions that solve problems in the areas of job performance, educational outcomes, and training effectiveness".

Ivy Hail PAU Alumni
Ivy Hall, MS & PhD, Class of 2013 - Staff Psychologist at VA N. CA Healthcare System)

“The M.S. Psychology PhD Prep program at Palo Alto University (PAU) gave me flexibility to continue working while gaining valuable experience that contributed to my growth as a clinician. In PAU's M.S. Psychology PhD Prep program, all course work is delivered online, and the residency requirement at the Palo Alto campus is only one week. Students only relocate to the residential PhD program after they have completed their master's-level coursework.

Xiaochang (Jasmine) Huang, MS - Current PhD Student

"I grew up and finished my graduate study in China. Before I started Palo Alto University M.S. online program in 2015, I had been working as a psychological counselor for several years both at school and private practice settings. For pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I saw taking the M.S. program as a chance to see whether I could fit in some U.S. academic training program. It turned out very well, and I even got more than what I could expect at the first place. I could take classes in the middle of a trip while working in another city. I could interact and learn from classmates who locate in different places around the world through those “tiny shinny boxes” on the screen. Though sometimes I got stuck with technical problems, I always could get support from faculties and staffs to work through all those issues. Some professor even helped me to watch some video material through Zoom outside the class, since I could not find it in China. After the M.S. program, I transferred to the Ph.D. program. Currently I am doing external practicum with refugees/asylum seekers while my research emphasis is on cross-cultural trauma recovery work. I am pretty happy that I keep going further and deeper regarding my professional development. I feel taking M.S. program is really challenging but deeply rewarding."

Additional Alumni Success Stories

Our alumni are professionals, leaders, researchers, educators and changemakers who have gone on to build successful careers. Our alumni have utilized their psychology and counseling education to improves lives and make a better world. Here are more stories on our successful alumni: