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Alumni Spotlight: Arya Zale

MS 2020: Paper Published and Scholarship

The MS in Psychology program at PAU provided abundant opportunities for me to grow and learn- and have a few laughs. The remote availability of this program was pivotal in my decision to enroll, as I am located in New Zealand. Two years later I graduated receiving Palo Alto University’s 2020 academic award for Outstanding Student.

None of that would have been possible were it not for the strong connections amongst our cohort. We were able to effectively navigate several challenges together and maintained a refreshing degree of humor. I believe the importance of community is one of the stronger lessons I have taken with me from my time in the MS program.

One of my favourite experiences has been working with a team of researchers in the CAPT lab and being the first author of a peer-reviewed article on Technology and Psychotherapeutic Interventions: Bibliometric Analysis of the Past Four Decades published in Internet Interventions Journal (Impact Factor 4.5).

I look forward to the start of my next adventure which begins with a scholarship to postgraduate study at Massey University via the Master of Clinical Practice in Nursing. This program will add a new dimension to my future practice- allowing me to work collaboratively and holistically in this influential career while synthesizing my understanding of human behaviour into meaningful applications, contributing to a better quality of life for those around me. On this lifelong learning adventure, I have so much gratitude to my PAU professors and cohort for a positive experience that continually influences my life in countless ways.