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Connor Harada, MS Class of 2019

UX Researcher at Intuitive

"I initially entered the M.S. Psychology program with the intention of committing to a clinical psychology Ph.D. program. Palo Alto University's (PAU) program was a perfect match while I was a working professional in pharmaceutical research for trauma disorders. Due to my education at PAU, I was able to achieve professional success through promotions to a clinical data associate then regulatory data specialist.

I believe that much of my professional success was due to PAU. I also came to realization that I was not interested in the therapeutic aspects of clinical psychology, and decided to pursue further development in research and statistics. Within weeks of graduation, I accepted a position in user research at one of the most successful surgical, medical device companies in America. The education and skills that I learned at PAU set me up for success and were instrumental to my success in the industry."