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Alumni Spotlight: Lana Bataresh

(2020 Cohort)  National Center of PTSD - Mobile Apps for VA

Towards the end of my first year in the M.S. Psychology program at PAU, I found out about a unique opportunity to learn about integrating digital mental health in clinical environments. This opportunity allowed me to connect with a licensed psychologist who utilizes and develop mental wellness mobile apps with hopes their patients have evidence-based resources outside of sessions.

During this internship, I got to work with multiple apps created for patients struggling with insomnia, depression, PTSD, women’s mental health, and stress. I was exposed to the process of app development, research/testing, and user experience.

Now, I work for a company called TrueSage as the lead UX researcher for the first mental wellness app using facial recognition to collect stress patterns and vitals while providing content for meditation, sleep, breathwork, and more.