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Alumni Spotlight: Brian Seo, MS

MS & PhD Student in Clinical Psychology

"The MS Psychology program was a great opportunity for me. I knew I wanted to eventually get a PhD, but I didn’t have all the information I needed. Being in the program allowed me to take classes while working, and gave me time to consider my professional development. Having online classes allowed me to engage with the material and really understand why I wanted a PhD.

The one week required on campus was brief and a great opportunity to learn more about the campus and community. I was concerned about possibly being behind the other PhD students when I transitioned as a second year into the doctoral program, however I found I was at the same pace as my cohort. The course design provided the education and training that the doctoral students were receiving.

I think some of the skills used in the MS program translated well, as I learned to take an initiative in my development and was more accustomed to finding information on my own. I also found a lot of support available to me during the M.S. program and during my own transition into the PhD which I believe was essential in joining the existing cohort and finding success.”