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Students for Global Mental Health

President:  Shikha Saggi
Vice President:   Siri Vivek   
Public Relations Officer:   Rebekah Jazdzewski
Treasurer:   Leilani Lucas
Faculty Advisor:  Sita Patel, Ph.D.

Contact:  SGMH@paloaltou.edu

Students for Global Mental Health (SGMH) aims to engage psychologists in meaningful discussion about the global mental health burden. We strive to create awareness of the socio-political-cultural issues shaping the expression and treatment of mental health as well as the variations and challenges to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health worldwide. The group accomplishes this goal through organizing events and collaborating with local organizations involved in this line of work. 



1791 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Phone: (800) 818-6136 Fax: (650) 433-3888





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