Psychological Association for Gender Expression and Sexuality (PAGES)

President:  Jonathan Clinkenbeard
Vice President:  Hannah Saltzman
Treasurer:  Sara Markuson
Secretary:  Aliza Goldberg
Public Relations:  Nat Bricker
Faculty Advisor:  Jan Habarth, Ph.D.

Contact:   Facebook:

PAGES is a student group dedicated to fostering a sexuality and gender-inclusive environment for personal, professional, and community growth. Additionally, PAGES aims to promote rigorous scientific research relevant to the lives of gender and sexual minority people. Throughout the year, PAGES strives to make PAU and our surrounding community a more affirmative landscape for sexual and gender identity diversity. PAGES welcomes all PAU students and faculty to join meetings, events, and discussions to further advocacy, inclusion, and education relevant across gender and sexual orientation diversities.

updated 11.2018