Palo Alto University Latino Student Organization (PULSO)

President: Jesus Rivera
Vice President: Kevin Rodriguez
Secretary: Jason Tinero
Treasurer: Mercedes Palacios
Public Relations: Mayra Gomez
Faculty Advisor:  Elisabet Revilla Ph.D.


PULSO is the Latino student organization of Palo Alto University. We are committed to expanding multicultural awareness within the student psychological community through education, mentorship, and service.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Provide annual PRS awards for excellence in student research pertaining to Latinx Mental Health.
  • Purchased Spanish-language assessment measures and Latinx Mental Health resources which are available in the PAU library for all to use.
  • Created a PULSO undergraduate and masters level liaison position to better serve the PAU community
  • Provide a speaker series for clinical and research issues regarding the Latinx community
  • Participated in the creation, and implementation of the Latinx Task Force as part of the UNITY Grant