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Student Housing Resources

Palo Alto University (PAU) does not have on-campus housing. Many PAU students live in towns that are near to where they study or receive clinical training at the Allen Calvin Campus or Stanford Psychiatry Building in Palo Alto as well as the campus located at 1172 Castro, Mountain View (including the Gronowski Center). Other cities near our campuses include Redwood City, Menlo Park, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale. Some students live in San Francisco, which is a 45-60 minute drive away, depending on traffic, and some live in San Jose, 30-60 minutes away depending on traffic.

To assist both new and returning students in their housing search, PAU has created a housing spreadsheet accessible via the Student Portal with a PAU email address.

This spreadsheet is only available to those students with a Palo Alto University email address, and has two tabs:

  • Looking for Housing/Roommates: This tab is populated by PAU students seeking housing.
  • Available Housing: This tab is populated by PAU students who already have a place to live and seek roommates. Occasionally, the Office of Student Success receives requests from members of the community with available housing, which is added to the Available Housing tab.
  • Estimated Expenses: This tab provides annual estimates of costs associated with attending PAU, including housing, transportation, etc. 

Once you have successfully found a roommate/housing, please return to the spreadsheet to remove your information so other students still looking will not continue to contact you.

PAU encourages all students to review additional housing information provided.