Housing Tips

  • Start looking early, and give yourself at least four weeks or more to find housing.
  • When you see a "For Rent" sign, be prepared to contact the landlord immediately.
  • When you are viewing a property, bring your rental history, credit report and checkbook. If you like the place, you should be prepared to make a deposit immediately.
  • Walk or drive through neighborhoods looking for "For Rent" signs. Many landlords will use that as their only means of advertising.
  •   Make a good first impression by dressing in business casual when you view apartments.


Important Questions to ask landlords

Rent: How much; When it is due; Starting date?

Deposit: How much; How will it be used; How and when is it refunded?

Damages: Who pays for breakage or other damages over and above normal wear and tear - individuals, or all occupants?

Subletting: Is it permitted; What is the procedure?

Roommates: Should all roommates sign the lease; Are roommates responsible for only a portion of the rent; If someone moves out must the remaining roommates make up the difference?

Alterations: May the unit be altered, such as painted; Can you hang pictures on the wall (and how)?

Laundry Facilities: Are they available and are there any restrictions?

Noise Restrictions: For musical instruments, stereo, TV, or social events?

Inspection by Landlord: When may the landlord enter your unit; How much notice must be given?

Parking: Is it available; Is it included in the rent or is it an added charge?

Pets: Are pets allowed; Is there an added charge for having a pet?

Utilities: What utilities are included in the rent; How much is the installation fee for those not included; What are the billing and payment procedures?

Good luck with your search!