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2023 Faculty Distinction Reception

Faculty Distinction Reception

  On Friday, June 16, Palo Alto University (PAU) honored faculty accomplishments and milestones during the University’s 2023 Faculty Distinction Reception at the La Honda Winery in Redwood City. Congratulations to our amazing faculty and thank you for your dedication and commitment to PAU!

Years of Service Awards

1 Year of Service Edson Andrade Vargas, PhD Rachel Jacoby, PhD   3 Years of Service Janice Kuo, PhD Liz McConnell, PhD
Faculty Distinction Reception

  5 Years of Service Szu-Yu (Darlene) Chen, PhD LaToya Smith, PhD Matthew Yalch, PhD   7 Years of Service Yan Leykin, PhD Megan Speciale, PhD   10 Years of Service Eduardo Bunge, PhD Karen Roller, PhD   15 Years of Service Joyce Chu, PhD Amie Haas, PhD   20 Years of Service Matthew Cordova, PhD  
Faculty Distinction Reception

PAU Tenure and Promotion

Jonathan Peretz, PsyD (Promotion) Jamie Kent, PhD (Promotion)  

External Affairs Special Award

Lisa Brown, PhD Donna Sheperis, PhD  

Excellence in Teaching Awards               

Rayna Hirst, PhD Shreya Vaishnav, PhD  

Excellence in Research Award

Tilman Schulte, PhD  
Faculty Distinction Reception

Excellence in Service Award

Amanda Fanniff, PhD  

Outstanding Contingent Faculty Awards

Maryasha Katz, LCSW Victoria Liou-Johnson, PhD  

Provost Award of Excellence in External Grants and Contracts

Kimberly Balsam, PhD  

Pillar Pioneers Award

Kelly Coker, PhD, Assessment Committee Chair Rowena Gomez, PhD, Assessment Committee Chair Teceta Tormala, PhD, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging   

Provost Above and Beyond Award

Michael Richards, PhD, Gronowski Center Cristen Wathen, PhD, Center for Educational Excellence Shreya Vaishnav, PhD, Center for Educational Excellence William Snow, PhD, Counseling Department Chair
Faculty Distinction Reception - Ricard Munoz

Retirement Honors

Ricardo Muñoz, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Clinical Psychology   A photo album from the reception has been uploaded to Facebook. View the photos here.