Cristen Wathen, Ph.D., LCPC, NCC

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(214) 354-5292 


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Wathen, C. (June, 2016). Impact on Crime Victims. Invited Training session for the 2nd Annual
Montana Victims Advocate Academy, Missoula, MT
Wathen, C. (May, 2014). Visions in Our Heads: Lived Experiences of Counsellors-in-Training 
Participating in Study Abroad Programs. Poster presented at the British Association 
for Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference (BACP), London, England.
Meekums, B., Wathen, C., & Koltz, R. (May, 2014). Cross Cultural Perspectives: An Online
Learning Environment. Poster presented at the British Association for Counselling & 
Psychotherapy Conference (BACP), London, England.
Wathen, C. & Elliott, A. (2015). Ways to teach the Ways: Creatively integrating Cheston’s 
(2000) Ways paradigm into the counseling theory classroom. Education session presented
at the 2015 Association for Counselor Ed. ucation and Supervision Conference (ACES) in
Philadelphia, PA.
Koltz, R., Odegard, M., Wathen, C. (2015). Wellness strategies to thrive during the pre-tenure 
experience. Education session presented at the 2015 Association for Counselor 
Education and Supervision Conference in Philadelphia, PA. 
Wathen, C., Bohecker, L., Wells, P., Theimann, J., & Anekstein, A. (2015). Personal and 
professional: Authoethnographic pictures integrating spiritual and religious development
and counselor educators. Education session presented at the Association for Spiritual, 
Religious, and Ethical Values (ASERVIC) Conference, New York, NY. 
Wathen, C. & Kleist, D. (October, 2013). Visions in our heads: The experience of counselors-
in-training participating in study abroad programs. Presentation to the Association for
Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, Denver, CO
Wathen, C., Koltz, R., McKinley, H., & Lamb, B. (October, 2014). The Montana cowboy and the
British stiff upper lip: Comparing and contrasting counsel(l)or identity globally.
Education Session at the Rocky Mountain Association for Counselor Education and 
Supervision (RMACES), Jackson Hole, WY. 
Selected Publications: 
Meekums, B., Wathen, C., & Koltz, R. (2016). Technology as a bridge: 
Developing inter-cultural understanding through a student videoconference. British Journal of 
Guidance and Counselling. doi: 10.1080/03069885.2015.1135875.
Bohecker, L., Vereen, L., Wells, P. & Wathen, C. (2016). A mindfulness experiential small 
group: A study to explore ambiguity. Counselor Education and Supervision 55, 
16-30. doi:10.1002/ceas.12030. (equal participation by both Wells & Wathen).
Bateman, J., & Wathen, C. (2015). Understanding rape myths: A guide for 
counselors working with male survivors of sexual violence. In ideas and research you can 
use: VISTAS 2015.
Wathen, C. & Kleist, D. (2015). Internationalization of counselor education: 
Exploring the lived experiences of counselors-in-training internationally.  The 
Qualitative Report. 20(1), 59-83.
*Kostohryz, K., Wells, P., Wathen, C. & Wilson, D. (2014). More than a 
vacation: Exploring the impact of reentry for international sojourners. Journal 
of Mental Health Counseling, 36(4), 315-327.
Bohecker, L., Wathen, C., Wells, P., Salazar, B. (2013). Mindfully educating 
our future: A group curriculum for training emergent counselors. Journal for 
Specialists in Group Work, 39(3), 257-273. doi: 10.1080/01933922.2014.919046.
*Gardner, R., Adkins, J., Gillespie, W. & Wathen, C. (2012). Needs assessment for counseling 
GLBT clients. Vistas 2012. Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.
Harrawood, L., McClure, C. & Nelson, J. (2011). Using experiential activities 
to prepare counselors-in-training to understand the power of cravings when 
addressing clients with addiction. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 6(2), 105-117, doi: 
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