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Yan Leykin
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(650) 417-2017 


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Research interests: judgment and decision-making of psychiatric populations, with a special focus on depression; cognitive behavioral interventions; internet interventions and technology-based resources for depression and other health conditions.


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Pennsylvania (2008) 

M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Pennsylvania (2003) 

B.A., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley (2001) 


Yan Leykin, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program at Palo Alto University, and a licensed clinical psychologist. He received a BA in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley (2001), and a MA and a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (2003 and 2008). Returning to the Bay Area, he completed a clinical internship at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, which was followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the Psychology and Medicine program at the University of California, San Francisco. In 2010, he joined the UCSF Department of Psychiatry as Assistant Professor. In 2015, he joined the faculty at PAU. 

Dr. Leykin's research program focuses on two areas. First, he studies the decision-making of individuals with depression. He works to better understand the decisional considerations that shape the choices depressed individuals make (with an emphasis on treatment-related decisions), and to develop methods to improve decisions and decision-making. Second, he develops CBT-based internet interventions and other online resources for individuals for depression. He works to streamline and optimize fully-automated internet interventions, to customize them to individual users, and to encourage the use of these resources. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, UCSF Academic Senate, UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and the Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholars Seed Fund. 

Websites and Other Relevant Links: 


Multilingual depression screener


Choice-making And Computer Technology for Unipolar depression (CACTUs) Lab:  https://cactuslab.paloaltou.edu



Selected Publications: 

Leykin, Y., Muñoz, R. F., *Contreras, O., Latham, M. D. (2014). Results from a trial of an unsupported internet intervention for depressive symptoms. Internet Interventions, 1, 175-181. http://journalofinternetinterventions.com/results-trial-unsupported-internet-intervention-depressive-symptoms/ 

Liu, N. H., Contreras, O., Muñoz, R. F., & Leykin, Y. (2014). Assessing suicide attempts and depression among Chinese speakers over the internet. Crisis, 35, 323-329. PMID: 25115490 

Gross, M. S., Liu, N. H., Muñoz, R. F., Contreras, O., & Leykin, Y. (2014). Using Google AdWords for international multilingual recruitment to health research websites. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16, e18. PMID: 24446166. http://www.jmir.org/16/1/e18 

Gill, S., Contreras, O., Muñoz, R. F., & Leykin, Y. (2014). Participant retention in an automated online monthly depression rescreening program: patterns and predictors. Internet Interventions, 1, 20-25. PMID: 25045623. http://journalofinternetinterventions.com/participant-retention-automated-online-monthly-depression-rescreening-program-patterns-predictors/ 

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