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Need help finding articles or measures? Not sure how to properly cite a source? Questioning a journal's quality or where to publish?

Have no fear, your Reference Librarians are here! Each of the PAU Librarians is a trained professional dedicated to helping you meet all your reference needs.

What is Reference Service?

In the library world, reference service refers to the broad range of information needs and questions that library users have, leading them to seek help from librarians.

Questions all across the knowledge spectrum, from highly specific to general "how-to," are included in library reference. In other words, reference service encompasses the response and overall help librarians give to their users.

How do I get Reference Help?

Reference help takes place both in-person and virtually—it all starts with users' inquiries. Typically, librarians may ask clarifying questions throughout the reference process to ensure users get the most suitable and accurate information possible.

The PAU Library provides reference services through the following ways:

  • By emailing the PAU Librarians at
  • In-person at the library on the Allen Calvin Campus
  • Plus over the phone or video conferencing

For further details regarding how to get in touch with PAU Librarians, visit our Contact Us page.