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Library Instruction

The PAU Librarians are available for all your information needs, including instructional sessions. Library instruction is intended to help students, faculty, and staff by providing opportunities to discover resources, learn how to navigate online tools and platforms, utilize research methods, and more.

Learning how to access, effectively use, and evaluate diverse resources are essential throughout the research process, and your librarians are here to help teach them!

Types of Instruction

Generally, library instruction can be delivered in these three key ways:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Classroom presentations
  • Small group sessions

Examples of instructional sessions include:

  • Library catalog search tutorials
  • Class visits to review databases and literature reviews
  • Learning how to find specific tests and measures

Getting Instruction

Getting instruction from your PAU Librarians is as easy as reaching out to us at

We are happy to assist you in-person, virtually, or whichever way is best for you!

Methods of instruction can include:

  • Video conference i.e. Zoom or Google Meet
  • Classroom or library visits 
  • Email exchanges
  • Phone calls

For further details regarding how to get in touch with PAU Librarians, visit our Contact Us page.