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The PAU Library provides a collection of electronic journals to support education, training, and research in psychology, counseling, and related disciplines. We purchase electronic journals by subscription and make the articles available online for equitable full-text access.

The PAU Library also offers tools designed to help you acquire journal content from other sources when it isn't available within our collection. 

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Finding PAU Journal Articles

The best way to find full-text articles from our electronic journals collection is by searching the PAU databases, which are optimized for targeted searching. And, as a bonus, you can submit an automated interlibrary loan (ILL) request directly from the database record if an article is not available in full text.

Other search options include the WorldCat Discovery library catalog and Google Scholar, both of which are useful tools for finding full-text journal articles, along with a wider range of resources. You can even set up Google Scholar to find PAU full-text while searching online!

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Finding PAU Journals

All of the electronic journals to which the PAU Library subscribes can be searched using the PAU Journals List in the WorldCat Discovery library catalog. Click on the icon below and enter the title or ISBN to see details about the publication, view the date range and volumes/issues we provide, and drill down to access the full-text article links in each volume/issue. This is a great way to see articles in the context of publication and can be particularly useful when a journal volume/issue is devoted to a specific topic of interest. 

Click on the remaining icons to preview our featured journals, the Journal of Higher Education and the Journal of Philanthropy.

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Finding Open Access Journals and Articles on the Web

Open access materials are those available in full text online at no cost. Google Scholar is very useful for finding links to free articles from institutional repositories, websites, open access journals, and even subscription journals when/if content is published outside the paywall. Full-text links to open access materials can also be found when searching the PAU databases and WorldCat Discovery. 

If you're looking for an article that's not available in full text through the PAU databases, WorldCat Discovery, or Google Scholar, here are some supplemental tools you can use to find what you need.