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Maintaining F-1 Status

Keep your passport valid for at least six months into the future at all times.

• Maintain a valid I-20: have your I-20 updated by Student Affairs if you have changes such as your major, change of name, and/or completion of degree date.

• Enroll in a full PAU course load every quarter. Full time for undergraduates is 12 units per quarter. Full time for graduates is a minimum 9 units per quarter, except during practicum and internship.

• F-1 students are not permitted to work on or off campus without appropriate authorization from Student Services and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as required.  F-1 student must not work more than 20 hours/week while school is in session.

• Contact Student Success if you need to transfer your I-20 to another institution, extend your program or if you have a new address.

• Have your passport and I-20 checked by ISS before traveling internationally.

• There are no federal regulatory insurance requirements for F-1 students, however PAU strongly recommends that all students be enrolled in a medical insurance plan.  See Living in the U.S. for a list of international student insurance providers.