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PGSP-Stanford Consortium students are required to complete a clinical dissertation project, which is defined by faculty as demonstrative of an applied and in-depth scholarly work, that contributes to the field of professional psychology. Doctoral Projects are varied in format and content, but generally focus on applied issues in the field of clinical psychology. Third year students participate in a dissertation research seminar for two quarters that is supervised by four Stanford faculty members. The dissertation seminar is designed to assist students with their conceptualization of a feasible dissertation project that contributes to the field of psychology. Students may pursue mentors from both institutions as well as additional committee members from other institutions and the community.

The PGSP-Stanford Consortium requires that graduates complete a pre-doctoral clinical internship. The predoctoral internship gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional clinical setting and employ the targeted skills/competencies and professional problem solving on a daily basis and with diverse populations.

Upon completion of all requirements for the Psy.D.program, students will earn their degree through the Palo Alto University and upon completion of the five-year training sequence will be clearly identified as having completed all requirements of the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium.

Dissertation Defenses

Support your friends, colleagues, and classmates by attending a dissertation defense presentation.

The dissertation defense presentation is open to the community. Feedback following the presentation will only include the dissertation commitee.