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Counseling Department


The Counseling Department is a diverse and dynamic community dedicated to the development of highly effective clinical mental health counselors, future leaders, counselor educators, supervisors, and innovators in the counseling profession.

The Counseling Department faculty bring strong backgrounds in clinical practice, research, advocacy, counselor education, and other disciplines that are the basis of practice as a clinician, researcher, counselor educator, and supervisor.

The Department is committed to five core values across all of our programs:
  • creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive learning community for all students, faculty, and staff;
  • providing excellent education and supervision for students;
  • promoting healing and empowerment by addressing social privilege and oppression;
  • generating knowledge through research and scholarship of the highest level;
  • and providing services to the local, national, and international counseling community informed by science and scholarship.

Department Chair

Counseling Department Faculty