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Latinx Merit Scholarship

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Palo Alto University is pleased to announce a new scholarship for undergraduate students. The Latinx Merit Scholarship is sponsored by the PAU Latinx Task Force and an anonymous donor. The award aims to strengthen the pipeline of Spanish-speaking students into professional positions that serve Spanish-speaking communities and individuals.    
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  • Awardees must self-identify as Latinx and should choose the appropriate category on their application for admission. Latinx is a broad term that encompasses many identities, including Hispanic, Latino, Latina, Mexican-American, Latin American, Chicano, Chicana, Afro-Latino, etc.
  • Awardees must speak Spanish with enough fluency to serve in a professional role that primarily serves Spanish-speaking clients
  • Upon graduation from PAU, awardees must intend to serve in a service role supporting Spanish-speaking clients or the Spanish-speaking community. Such positions could include a master’s or doctoral degree in counseling, psychology, or social work. Or might also be roles such as teaching, non-profit work, or governmental positions. 


  • Ten (10) $10,000 scholarships will be awarded. These awards will be dispersed evenly during the first and second years of the BS in Psychology and Social Action or BS in Business Psychology program at $5,000 per year. 
  • Students may also be eligible for other forms of financial aid, such as need-based scholarships, grants, and student loans. Students should plan to complete their FAFSA to qualify for other forms of aid. 


Review Process

  • The Scholarship Committee will review scholarship applications once a student is admitted to the program. After that, the Committee will review applications on a rolling basis. 
  • Awardees will be notified via email.

Important Information

  • The Latinx Merit Scholarship has no cash value. 
  • The Latinx Merit Scholarship cannot be used in another PAU academic program or transferred to another institution or another student. 
  • Only incoming students for Fall 2024 term are eligible to receive this award. Students may not defer their admission. 
PAU Latinx Task Force

Bringing the PAU community together to improve diversity on campus. Faculty, students, and staff joined forces across programs and branches to implement projects serving the Latinx/Hispanic community within PAU and the surrounding community.

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