Scholarships And Fellowships for Students

Below are the scholarships and fellowships available to PAU Students (click on the scholarship name for more information):


Scholarship/Fellowship Name Open to Undergraduate Students  Open to Graduate Students Application Due Date
Diversity Fellowship (Incoming PhD. only)   X Ongoing
General Fellowship   X Ongoing
General Undergraduate Scholarships                    X   September 13, 2019

External Scholarships

AAMFT Scholarships                                                                                      X                     Check the website      
Hispanic Scholarship Fund X  X Check the website
Tuck X X Check the website
Local Pride Scholarship X X June 30, 2018
BitIRA U Scholarship X X January 31, 2019
Strong Arm Luekemia Scholarship X X July 15, 2019
Charish Design Your Future X X January 1 and June 30, 2019
Rentberry Scholarship X X June 1, 2019
Amethyest Recovery Center X X May 31, 2019
National Board forCertified Counselors (NBCC) X X Varies

In addition to the above, see the America Psychology Association's site for additional information on scholarships, grants, and awards.