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Compliance Committee


What is the Compliance Committee?

Created to address the myriad of federal, state, and accreditation regulations that govern higher ed, the compliance committee  provides advice, guidance, and support in meeting the University’s regulatory requirements. Committee members representing a wide range of departments work to strengthen Palo Alto University’s compliance with federal and state governing bodies as well as to identify emerging issues in the regulatory environment.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Advises and supports University-wide compliance with relevant state and federal laws impacting the PAU community;
  • Examining PAU’s system of internal controls over compliance so they are current with changing laws, regulations, and practices;
  • Encourage faculty and staff towards compliance with and adherence to pertinent laws, regulations, policies, procedures and practices;
  • Maintain awareness of compliance audit and training activities;
  • Providing a forum for communication among the various units and programs within PAU for issues relevant to compliance;


  • Julia Aggreh, Assistant Vice President for Student Records and Registration (Registrar)
  • Apsara Dhokalia, HRPP Administrator
  • Fei Ying, Chief Information Officer (Co-Chair)
  • Chris Olbrych Institutional Research
  • Lisa Harris, International/Veteran Student Services Specialist (Co-Chair)
  • Jeanine Hawk, Chief Financial Officer and VP Finance & Operations
  • Monica Chavez, Associate Director of Admissions, Systems, & Operations 
  • Nora Marquez, Registrar
  • Amy Sikes, Director of Financial Aid
  • Sharyn Moore, Accessible Education Specialist
  • Nathan Lubarov, Accounting Manager

Essential Duties:

The Compliance Committee shall create, review, discuss, and recommend any or all of the following:

  • Compliance training;
  • Compliance policies and procedures;
  • Review of ongoing compliance activities and programs;
  • Review of compliance risk areas;
  • Reviewing and addressing, as appropriate, any concerns raised by an independent auditor
  • Ensure Consumer Information, as defined by the Department of Education, is current and accurately published. 

To contact the Compliance Committe about any questions or concerns about this page, or any compliance-related issues, please email