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BS Psychology and Social Action: Careers

Online and On-Campus Programs for College Transfer Students to Complete Their Degree in Two Years

The intellectual, social and interpersonal skills that students develop while studying psychology are useful and marketable in a wide variety of professional fields. Psychology majors are prepared for virtually any role where knowledge of individual differences, personality, and social dynamics are needed. Today, such jobs are found throughout corporate and entrepreneurial businesses as well as in education, health and mental health care, and in the nonprofit sector. Psychology and Social Action alumni work in education, research, health care, social service, and community action.

Graduate Study in Psychology

The BS Psychology and Social Action degree is excellent preparation for students who plan to attend graduate school to become a counselor or clinical psychologist. They will acquire the knowledge and skills needed for entry into graduate-level programs in psychology, including the PAU graduate programs. Each year several graduates of the Psychology and Social Action program enter PAU's Master's in counseling program or PAU's PhD or PsyD in clinical psychology program.

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