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Graduates of the Business Psychology program develop in-depth knowledge about the  many facets of business operations, including corporate accounting and finance, marketing, human resources, consumer behavior, etc. They complete psychology coursework which trains them to understand how people think and behave as individuals and in groups.

Graduates from the Business Psychology program are prepared for a wide variety of careers and graduate degree programs. Many alumni have jobs in human resources, sales and marketing, customer service, and project management in innovative and fast-paced Silicon Valley companies.

Career Possibilities

Here are some examples of the types of business roles the B.S. Business Psychology program prepares students for:

  • Management and Operations. Business managers are responsible for people and for data and products. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, managers must understand how human, financial, and material resources fits into the bigger corporate picture. PAU's B.S. Business Psychology program prepares students for entry-level positions requiring management of such integrated responsibilities. The psychology and business principles taught in this program apply to large corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Human Resources Management. Human resources is a field where the connection between a psychology degree and business are clear. HR is all about understanding people and creating procedures and programs to keep them motivated, satisfied, and productive. With payroll and benefits being the single largest expense for nearly every business, understanding financial and human resource management are essential for business professionals. PAU's B.S. Business Psychology program is ideal preparation for careers in HR.
  • Customer Relationship Management. Customer relationship management (CRM) is critically important to business success. Those who possess a strong knowledge of psychology are ideally suited to CRM roles. A graduate from PAU's Business Psychology program might start as a front line service representative who converts confused, dissatisfied or angry callers into loyal customers and then advances into management roles, supporting staff who deal with customers. They may also become CRM project managers, who understand how successful customer relationships are best supported using artificial intelligence, data-driven systems, or social media.
  • Marketing. The B.S. Business Psychology degree provides significant grounding in consumer psychology from an individual and group perspective, and this background is extremely valuable in marketing roles. The degree also includes training in quantitative and qualitative research, which are also core functions in marketing jobs.
  • Business Development and Sales. Success in business development and sales depends on the ability to understand and meet the needs of consumers. Business development roles utilize knowledge about groups and communities as well as quantitative analysis skills. Sales roles may also be oriented toward individuals' motivation and behavior. Many of these factors are addressed in the B.S. Business Psychology program.
  • Training and Coaching. Designing and conducting company training programs requires an understanding of human thinking and learning processes. The principles of psychology are relevant to developing effective training programs. Professionals with both psychology and business backgrounds are well equipped to develop and provide training to improve employee retention and productivity.
  • Data Analytics and Consumer Research. Human factors are critically important in marketing today. From website usability to digital advertising to online sales, interactive media are producing more relevant and specific consumer insights than ever before. PAU's B.S. Business Psychology program develops students' abilities to understand human behavior and utilize data to plan, implement and evaluate goal-oriented communication programs. Business Psychology graduates are strong contributors in traditional relationship-building between businesses and their stakeholders.
  • Social Service, Health Care and Counseling. To work as a counselor or therapist, a Master's degree is required. However, students with a B.S. Business Psychology are excellent prospects for management, communication and other administrative roles in social service, health care and counseling agencies.
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