Affordability and Scholarships

Tuition Never Increases, and On-Time Graduation Mean Earning a Professional Salary Sooner.


Bachelor's degeree in psychology students on graduation day

Keep Your College Transfer Options Open


Classes Guaranteed

No Tuition Increases

Graduate in Two Years and Start Earning Sooner

Palo Alto University's Tuition Stabilization Plan guarantees that students pay the same tuition and fees each year they are enrolled.

  • 2018/2019 tuition and fees for Palo Alto University are $22,752.
  • Additional academic costs per year include an average of $500 a year for books and supplies.

On-Time Graduation Means Lower Cost

Many students and their families assume that attending a public university is the most affordable option for undergraduate education. However, as state funding dwindles, public universities are often serving more students with fewer resources. At large public universities, students cannot always get courses they need to graduate on time.

Palo Alto University Does Things Differently

Palo Alto University places a high priority on student success and affordability:

  • PAU organizes its undergraduate course schedules so that degree programs can be completed within two years. In fact, 80 percent of PAU undergraduates complete their degree in 1.8 years.
  • Students who complete the program will graduate and start earning a professional salary faster than many students attending state universities who often need 3 or 4 years to complete their degrees.
  • PAU's tuition guarantee ensures that students know the full cost of their education.

Students can relax about class registration (classes are guaranteed) or tuition increases (they never happen) and immerse themselves in the rigorous and engaging academic programs that PAU offers.

Grant and Scholarship Availability

  • 82% of PAU students receive grant or scholarship aid, significantly reducing the cost of attendance.
  • 49% of PAU students receive an average of $5,313 through Pell grants.
  • 57% of PAU students receive an average of $9,489 through federal student loans.