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Student and Faculty Presentations at 2023 WPA Convention

WPA 2023

  Nearly 40 Palo Alto University (PAU) faculty members, students, and alumni participated in this year's Western Psychology Association (WPA) Convention. Participants convened in Riverside, California from April 27-30, 2023.   "It is wonderful to see so many PAU students and faculty presenting their research at WPA," said professor Lisa Brown, PhD. "This year's theme, 'Cultural, Diversity, and Health' offered numerous opportunities for people at all stages of their careers to interact and discuss these worthy issues."   Additionally, Liz McConnell, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Sexual and Gender Identities Clinic was awarded the Enrico E. Jones Award for Research in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology! The Award recognizes the scholarship of a WPA member who is an early career researcher (10 years or less post-doc), whose research in clinical psychology has applications to the practice of psychotherapy.    The following symposia, posters, and papers were presented by PAU community members. The full program can be found here. Additionally, members of Psi Chi, PAU's Psychology Honor Society, organized a speed mentoring event for student participants.  
WPA 2023


  Liberation Psychology in Praxis: Pedagogy, Practice, and Participatory Research   Applications of Liberation Psychology in Education Selena Saad Alexa Wright Akemi Kawano Maya Wong   Applications of Liberation Psychology in Clinical Practice Alexa Wright Jose Ramirez Akemi Kawano Maya Wong   Applications of Liberation Psychology in Research Akemi Kawano Maya Wong   Training in Early Intervention for Traumatic Stress: Model for a Clinical Lab   The Early Intervention Clinic: History, Curriculum, and Areas for Growth Matthew Cordova Tani Polansky Josephine Sanchez Kathryn Moody Maddison Romo   Research Training with Survivors of Recent Trauma Elisha Johnson Lauriane Gutierrez Taylor Dichsen Tani Polansky Matthew Cordova   Training in Early Trauma Assessment and Intervention Matthew Cordova Ayushi Jain Monae Weathington Ellie Dicker Kaitlin Snyder Josephine Sanchez   Personal, Professional, and Cultural Training for Work with Recent Trauma Survivors Matthew Cordova Lauriane Gutierrez Taylor Dichsen Ayushi Jain Monae Weathington Monet Fairley   Clinical and Research Training with Recent Survivors of Traumatic Loss Matthew Cordova Ellie Dicker Kaitlin Snyder Monet Fairley Kathryn Moody Maddison Romo  
WPA 2023


  The Relationship of Marital and Parentage Status and COVID Safety Behaviors Ricardo F. Muñoz Blanca S. Pineda Wen Guo Yuanzhi Qin   An Exploration of Risks, Comorbidities, and Functional Consequences of Daily Internet Gaming Ricardo F. Muñoz Charlotte Beard Amie Haas Kayla Hernandez   The Role of Coping Self-Efficacy and Symptom Expression in Response to Traumatic Events Julia Weinman Daya Grewal Naomi Gupta   Interpersonal Valence of Borderline Rage  Matthew Yalch Meghri Sarkissian   Depression and Isolation Among Religious/Spiritual First Responders in a Residential Treatment Program Bruce Bongar Colin Simsarian Sam Loomis Roshni Joseph  


To Affinity and Beyond: Integrating Affinity Groups into Pedagogical Practice Teceta Tormala Sana Arastu Sylvia Ofodu