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PAU Podcast Series Explores Emerging Professional Opportunities in the Field of Mental Health

Talking Mental Health Careers podcast

  Palo Alto University (PAU) has launched an educational podcast series that explores new and emerging areas of practice in the field of mental health. The 10-part series, “Talking Mental Health Careers,” features the lived experiences of accomplished professionals who practice in various specialty areas of mental health.     “This podcast is a perfect starting point for anyone ready to explore new professional horizons in mental health,” said Patricia Zapf, PhD, Vice President for PAU’s Division of Continuing & Professional Studies, which produced the podcast. “The discussions break down the practical steps, tools, and mindset for pursuing these emerging areas of practice.”   In this 10-part podcast series, each episode focuses on a specific specialty area while answering common questions regarding education and training, research, socio-cultural considerations and the lived experiences of professionals in various mental health careers. We are excited to introduce the first two episodes:  
Talking Mental Health Careers podcast

Episode 1: Career Paths and Mental Health in the Digital Age

  The first episode, "Career Paths and Mental Health in the Digital Age," delves into the increasingly digital world of mental health practice. With global events impacting many people on a personal level and the rise of tele-mental health, technology has become an integral part of therapeutic methods. Tune in to the first in-depth discussion with PAU faculty experts, Donna Sheperis, PhD, and Eduardo Bunge, PhD, who are both at the forefront of this digital revolution.   The discussion explores the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in mental health, the role of chatbots in therapy, and discusses the advancements in tele-mental health. Aspiring professionals and seasoned practitioners alike will discover unique insights into this flourishing field. Don't miss this enlightening conversation on the merging fields of mental health and technology.  
Talking Mental Health Careers podcast

Episode 2: Career Paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling

  Episode two addresses "Career Paths in LGBTQ Psychology & the Evolving Field of Counseling," which explores the intricate and fascinating journeys of our esteemed guests, Kimberly Balsam, PhD, and Clark Ausloos, PhD. Both have taken unique paths in their careers, focusing on the significant issues within LGBTQ psychology. The episode  delves into their research, the critical importance of diversity in the field, and the alarming effects of anti-LGBTQ legislation. The vital role of intersectionality, understanding relationships between minoritized identities, and the challenges faced by LGBTQ and trans communities are also explored. The immediate need for counseling in support of LGBTQ populations is also addressed.   Future podcasts will address Trauma, Social Justice & Human Rights, Forensic & Correctional Psychology, Behavioral Health, Sports Psychology, and more!. “Talking Mental Health Careers” is available on all major podcast channels.