Dr. Clark Ausloos, PhD., LPC, LPSC, NCC

Clark Ausloos


Adjunct Professor

Contact Information:

(920) 948 2467



Areas of Interest:

LGBTGEQIAP+ Issues, Trans* Issues, Diversity Preparedness of CIT’s, Leadership and Service, Counselor Education Pedagogy/Androgogy, College Counseling, Creativity in Counseling

Talks and Lectures:

Ausloos, C. (June 2020). Cultural Considerations for working with LGBTGEQIAP+ Clients. COUN 5160: Cultural Diversity For Counselors And School Psychologists. The University of Toledo. Toledo, Ohio.

Ausloos, C. & Hepburn, A. (2020). Empowering trans* youth in schools: Affirming approaches for families, teachers, and counselors. National Board for Certified Counselors’ Foundation Symposium, Washington, D.C.

Hepburn, A. & Ausloos, C. (2020). Sex Positivity as a Multicultural Competency: Supportive Therapeutic Interventions for Families with Affective and Gender-Diverse Youth. National Board for Certified Counselors’ Foundation Symposium, Washington, D.C.

Clark, M., Ausloos, C., Delaney, C., & Waters, L. (October 2018). Strategies for counseling clients experiencing poverty: A grounded theory. North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES) Conference, Cleveland, Ohio.

Ausloos, C., Salpietro, L., Jacoby, R., & Clark, M. (2018). Feeling the Sizzle: What to Do When Experiencing Counselor Burnout. Presentation at the American Counseling Association National Conference and Expo, New Orleans, LA.

Selected Publications:

Ausloos, C. & Salpietro, L. (20##). Harassment and Discrimination with Trans* and Gender-expansive Youth. In Brown, L.C. & Dari, T (Eds.), Addressing the Impact of Trauma in High Poverty Elementary Schools: A Guide for School Counselors and Mental Health Clinicians. San Diego, CA: Cognella.
Salpietro, L., Ausloos, C., Clark, M. (2019). Cisgender Professional Counselors’ Experiences with Trans* Clients. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 13 (3). 198-215. doi:10.1080/15538605.2019.1627975
Clark, M., Ausloos, C., Delaney, C., Waters, L., Salpietro, L., & Tippett, H. (2020). Best Practices Counseling Persons Experiencing Poverty: A Grounded Theory. Journal of Counseling and Development, 98. 283-294. doi:10.1002/jcad.00000
Long, S. M., Clark, M., Ausloos, C. D., Jacoby, R., & McGhee, C. (2019). The wellness and self-care experiences of single mothers in poverty: Strategies for mental health counselors. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 41 (4). 343-358. https://doi.org/10.17744/mehc/41.4.05