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Research Grants Announced for PAU Faculty

February 5, 2022
The Palo Alto University Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs awarded grants totaling more than $20,000 this fall and winter.
“PAU is proud to provide funding to advance our faculty’s research,” said Dr. Erika Cameron, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Their work collectively elevates our academic reputation and our research enterprise. The proposals demonstrate the faculty’s commitment to scientific inquiry and inclusive excellence.”
The following faculty received grants to support their research:

Alayna Park, PhD 

Dr. Alayna Park was awarded $1,250 to fund “Promoting Youth Mental Health through Stakeholder-Generated Innovation.”

Donya Wallace, PhD

Dr. Donya Wallace was awarded $1,600 to “Measure the Impact of Critical Consciousness on Multicultural Competency in Counseling and Psychology Students and Professionals.”

Liz McConnell, PhD

Dr. Liz McConnell was awarded $3,994 for two proposals: “Gender Diversity in the Clinic: Trauma Treatment with Trans and Gender Diverse People” and “Network Influences on HIV Risk and Substance Use Among MSM during COVID-19.”

Cristen Wathen, PhD

Dr. Cristen Wathen was awarded $5,530 for a proposal, “Assessment: Mental Health Support for Polycystic Kidney Disease and Organ Transplantation,” and attendance at the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovate 2022 Conference.

Ricardo F. Muñoz, PhD, and Blanca Pineda, EdD

Dr. Ricardo F. Muñoz and Dr. Blanca Pineda were awarded $10,000 for their proposal “Worldwide Online Depression Intervention Studies.”