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Alumni Maggie Tsai and the Innovart Foundation Fund Graduate Research Grants

Maggie Tsai

In 2018, when disruptions arose in her personal life, Maggie Tsai enrolled in an eight-week mindfulness course. “I wanted to tackle the challenge with more professional resources. Mindfulness can really help a person’s mental state, and it helps me see my situation better.” The mindfulness training sparked her interest in mental health counseling. Not long after, she enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Palo Alto University (PAU). 

As Maggie reflects on her experience at PAU, she determines that “it’s time to give back.” She has generously gifted $8,000 via her foundation, Innovart, to establish a research grant for counseling students at Palo Alto University.

Over an initial two-year period, the PAU Innovart Research Grant will award $1,000 to eight counseling students. 

Maggie is excited about all the potential this grant holds. She hopes it will create a positive cycle where students conduct high-quality research that gets published, society benefits from that research, and PAU achieves increased visibility for its wonderful work. 

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