Maxwell J. Berlyant, PhD

Maxwell J. Berlyant


Adjunct Professor

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Berlyant, M.J., Friedberg, R.D., Bunge, E., & Beckum, L. (2015, November). Assessment of the Dissemination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mental Health Disorders in Youth: An Examination of Declarative Knowledge and Satisfaction Among Clinicians in the Community. Poster presented at the 49th annual convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Chicago, IL.

Friedberg, R.D., Berlyant, M.J., & Behar, S.M. (2014, October). School Mental Health Services: Treating Children Where They Work and Play. Symposium presented at the 61st annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, San Diego, CA.

Selected Publications:

Friedberg, R.D., Berlyant, M.J., Mulati, S., Birt, M., Brehm, L., & Trafalis, S. (2016). Anxious Children and Adolescents. In C. Haen & S. Aronson (Eds.), Handbook of Child and Adolescent Group Therapy: A Practitioner’s Reference (pp. 299-310). New York: Routledge.

Trafalis, S., Friedberg, R. D., Sullivan, P. J., Teague, A. M., Hoyman, L. C. & Berlyant, M. J. (2016). Training Community Clinicians in CBT for Youth. Current Psychiatry Review, 12(1), 88-96.

Mahr, F., Berlyant, M.J., Sullivan, P.J., Behar, S.M, Paternostro, J., Friedberg, R.D., & Nadeem, T.(2015). Food for thought: Challenges and training recommendations for psychiatric residents caring for college-age patients with eating disorders. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Connect, 2(4), 11-13.

Trafalis, S., Berlyant, M.J., Brehm, L., Szimonetta, M., Feezer, J., & Friedberg, R.D. (2015). Going Limbic: Impulsivity in Youth. In Columbus, A.M. (Ed.), Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 109 (pp. 55-85). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Paternostro, J., Sullivan, P.J., Behar, S.M., Berlyant, M.J., & Friedberg, R.D. (2015). Intervencoes em grupo em escolas (Group CBT in Schools). In Neufeld, C.B. (Ed.), Terapia cognitive-comportamental en grupos para criancas e adolescents (Group CBT for Children and Adolescents). Porto Alegre, Brazil: Artmed Editora.

Friedberg, R.D., Berlyant, M.J., & Mulati, S. (2014). Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Youth and Health Care Reform: A Congenial Union. Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry, 1(2), 1-2.

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