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Anaid Atasuntseva


Adjunct Faculty

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Selected Publications:

Clarke, S., Atasuntseva, A., & Berk, M. (2020). Delivering an adolescent
comprehensive DBT intensive outpatient program via telehealth during the
Covid-19 pandemic. DBT Bulletin, 3(2), 5-6.

Friedberg, R. D., Rozmid, E. V., Atasuntseva, A., Mosley, C., Wilberding, N.,
LaPrade, R., ... & Feezer, J. (2020). Project Chill: Program description and
session feedback data from a proof-of-concept study of a school-based
psychoeducational program using creative media. Cognitive and Behavioral

Atasuntseva, A., Basile, K., La Prade, R., Wilberding, N. Friedberg, R.J.,
Wister, A. S. & Friedberg, R. D.(2020). Public perceptions of behavioral
health care and psychotherapy in youth: Promotion and product dimensions.
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 51(5), 507-516.

Rozbruch, E.V., Atasuntseva, A., & Friedberg, R.D. (2016). Stancing in the
Session: Collaborative empiricism and guided discovery in CBT with youth.
Advances in Cognitive Therapy, 17(2), 6-7.

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