How to Prevent Depression During COVID-19

Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 12:00pm

Featuring Palo Alto University Distinguished Professor Ricardo Muñoz

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Staying emotionally healthy is difficult in times like these – when people are juggling multiple challenges, from the ongoing pandemic to issues regarding systemic racism, wildfires and more. In this special webinar, Ricardo F. Muñoz, Ph.D., distinguished professor of clinical psychology at Palo Alto University and renowned expert on the prevention of depression, will discuss methods of treating depression that can be helpful in preventing its symptoms. Specifically, he will share cognitive-behavioral strategies – that is, how to use thoughts and activities to remain emotionally healthy. 

Dr. Muñoz is the author of these books about depression:
Control Your Depression, Depression Prevention: Research Directions, Prevention of Depression: Research and Practice
Manuals written in English and Spanish about prevention and the treatment of depression, are available on the i4Health website.