Addressing Mental Health Needs in a Humanitarian Crisis

October 4, 2022 at Noon
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Featuring Sita Patel, PAU Professor and Global Mental Health Fellow for WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated October 10 as World Mental Health Awareness Day, to raise awareness of mental illness around the world, and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. 

Join Palo Alto University (PAU) President Maureen O’Connor, member of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Human Rights, as she interviews PAU’s Global Mental Health expert, Sita G. Patel, PhD, about addressing mental health needs in a humanitarian crisis.   

For the past year, Dr. Patel has been working as the APA-IUPsyS Global Mental Health Fellow at WHO to address the mental health needs of populations in a humanitarian crisis.  During the webinar, Dr. Patel will offer an overview of her research and recent work at WHO.

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Featuring Dr. Sita G. Patel

Dr. Patel is a clinical psychologist and research professor of global mental health at Palo Alto University. She serves the World Health Organization as the 2022 Global Mental Health Fellow. Her research focuses on global mental health, and culture and context as they relate to immigrant mental health.

The At the Forefront of Mental Health webinar series, produced by PAU’s department of External Affairs, presents interviews and panel discussions with PAU and other leading experts in psychology and counseling who tackle pressing and emerging issues related to mental health.