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PAU Gmail FAQ's

How much space do I have in my PAU Gmail account?

The current maximum size limit for your mailbox is unlimited. See  

Is there a size limit for an email message?

Yes, the current maximum is 25MB.  

Are there sending limits with GMail?

Yes, you are allowed to send messages up to the following limits per day:   • No more than 2000 recipients • No more than 100 people at a time via POP3 or IMAP (i.e., your mobile device) • Note: Google will temporarily suspend the account for 24 hours if the sending threshold has been reached, or if the user sends a large number of undeliverable messages.  

Where are my email messages stored? Is my email kept private?

Your email data are stored securely at Google, and not on Palo Alto University servers. Google's policy states that it will not share data with third-party entities; exceptions would pertain to law enforcement. Google reserves the right for access to email data for purposes of maintaining system integrity and troubleshooting. PAU IT Departmnet reserves the right to access your PAU Gmail user account for troubleshooting and account maintenance purposes. More on Google Privacy Policy  

Will Google protect me from spam and viruses in my email?

Yes. Google's spam filter protects your Gmail account from spam. Messages flagged as spam are delivered to your Gmail "Spam" folder. Spam is purged every 30 days. Also, Google will block email messages that contain email viruses in attachments.  Note:  Google blocks executable files in attachments, e.g., .exe files, even if they are sent in a compressed (.zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz) format. More on Google’s Terms of Service     

Are there advertisements displayed with my Gmail account?

No. Because we are an educational institution, PAU IT Department has utilized the option to hide advertisements for all Gmail users.  

How long will Google keep my email messages?

Indefinitely. Providing you do not delete your messages, the data will be retained by Google. What if I need to recover a message that I accidentally deleted from my mailbox? Once a message is deleted in Gmail, it is sent to the Trash folder. From the Trash folder, a message can be moved back to the Inbox. After thirty days, the message is purged from the Trash folder.  There is no way for PAU IT Department or Google to recover a message once it has been permanently deleted from the Trash. Instead of deleting messages, click on Archive to remove messages from your mailbox. By using Archive, messages are kept, but are hidden from the normal display. Archived messages can be restored to the mailbox at any time.  

My Gmail account is suspended. What should I do?

Please note that PAU IT Department reserves the right to suspend a your Gmail account due to:   • Security breaches • Abuse e.g., your account is sending excessive amounts of spam • Prolonged periods of inactivity   Also, Google may suspend your account if any of the following conditions occur within a 24-hour period: • You send messages to more than 2000 recipients             • You send a message to more than 100 people at a time via POP3 or IMAP (i.e., your mobile device) • You send a large number of undeliverable message • You send spam or viruses   If Google has suspended you account, your account should be re-enabled within 24 hours. When your account is suspended, anyone who sends a message to your email address will receive a bounce-back email stating:  “The email account that you tried to reach is disabled.”  The message will not be delivered.   If your account has been suspended by Google and it has not been re-enabled within 24 hours, or if your account has been suspended for an unspecified reason, please contact PAU IT Department Help Desk at (650) 433-3832 or for assistance.  

What if I need help with using my Gmail account? Who do I contact for help?

Please contact PAU IT Department Help Desk at (650) 433-3832 or I need help with Google Docs and Calendar. What should I do?
Google has published much information and help resources. Visit their help page.

Do all Students have Gmail accounts?

Yes. Enrolled students and new students should have PAU Gmail accounts with email addresses in the form of 

Do staff and faculty have Gmail accounts?

Yes. All PAU Staff and Faculty have PAU Gmail Accounts in the form of             

How long will my Gmail account remain active?

Indefinitely. We intend to make your Gmail account available to you after you graduate.   

How much does Google charge Palo Alto University for using Gmail?

Google offers educational institutions the use of Google Apps Gmail for free. Read the Google Apps Education Terms of Service.