PAU Business Office Payment Policies FAQs

Starting this Academic Year 2018-19, Palo Alto University (PAU) will institute Payment Policies. The student assumes responsibility for payment of the charges for educational services, which may include tuition, student health insurance, and other Palo Alto University charges for any and all periods of enrollment at the University.

We hope the frequently asked questions (FAQs) listed below will have the answers you need. If the answer to your question isn’t listed below, please contact Bursar Anna Lisitsa,

What is the late payment fee on MyPAU Account Statement?

As stated in PAU’s Payment Policies, the student assumes responsibility for payment of the charges for educational services. To encourage prompt payment, the University assesses a late fee of 1.5% per month on the past due amount if the payment does not arrive by the due date for the current quarter. Late payment fees are posted in the Student’s account on the first day of the next month.

In addition to the late fee, the University will place a “hold” on the student’s account which prohibits future registrations and restricts the release of transcripts and diplomas.

How is the late payment fee calculated?

The late fee is assessed daily and posted at the end of the month. Any balance not paid may be assessed a late fee of one and one-half (1.5%) percent per month (minimum $5.00).

●               Example #1: $5,000 balance, paid week late (7 days) = $17.26

●               Example #2: $5,000 balance, paid one month late (30 days) = $73.97

●               Example #3. $5,000 balance, paid two months late (60 days) = $147.95

Where can I find the payment due dates for my program?

Payment due dates are listed on the Academic Calendar. It includes information such as the release of billing statements, tuition payment due dates, registration deadlines, drop/add dates, term census dates, holidays, etc.

Where can I find my account information?

To access your account, log-on to MyPAU Student Portal then click on the:

●               “Student Tab>My Billing Account” (on left-hand side) OR the “View Or Pay My Bill button>Download or Print My Statement.”

How can I pay my bill?

Students can now pay for tuition and any balance online with a credit card or echeck. To make a payment, log on to the MyPAU Student Portal then click on the “Student Tab>My Billing

Account” (on left-hand side) OR the “View Or Pay My Bill button>Download or Print My Statement.”

If you can’t make a payment online, please mail your check to: Palo Alto University, Bursar’s Office, 1791 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

How can a late payment fee be avoided?  Do you have a payment plan?

PAU doesn’t want financial issues to get in the way of a student’s academic progress. If you can’t pay your balance due in full, you can work with the Bursar to set-up a payment plan or contact the Office of Financial Aid for any financial aid options available.

PAU offers a payment plan which breaks the balance into three (3) payments during the quarter. The deadline for the full balance to be paid is the last day of the quarter. To avoid late fees, the payment plan must be submitted and accepted by the payment due dates.

Here is the link to apply for a payment plan on the Business Office website.

What happens when a payment is missed on a payment plan?

If you miss two installments, your payment plan will be voided. Your account will be subject to late fees on the past due amount. The late fee will apply starting from the initial payment due date for the Quarter. In addition, a hold will be placed on your account. Your registration may be also subject to cancellation and PAU may prohibit future enrollment or participation in the payment plan.

Why does my invoice not reflect the late fee during the month?

Although the late fee is calculated daily on the past due balance, it is not posted to the student’s account until the first day of the next month. If you are paying an invoice past the due date and prior to month-end, you will need to contact the Bursar Anna Lisitsa, to find out how much will be assessed for the late fee.

Why do I have a late fee? My financial aid should have covered my tuition and fees.

There could be a variety of reasons why you still have a balance due. In most cases, pending or actual disbursed financial aid is not showing on a student’s account because of one of the following reasons:

● you haven’t completed a new year FAFSA application (if applicable)

● you haven’t accepted your awards on the “Accept/ Reduce/ Decline” section

● you didn’t accept enough aid to cover your tuition/ fees (the balance due)

● you haven’t completed all your required documents on the “My Forms to Complete” section in the financial aid portal

 As such, if there is a balance due you will be responsible for any late fees assessed. Additionally, if you’ve completed all the steps, and you still have a balance due and are unsure why, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 650-433-3824 or

Will I be charged a late fee when I haven’t paid for Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?

Late fees related to SHIP won’t be charged until after the deadline to submit a waiver. Students can find the waiver deadlines at

What is a Returned Payment fee?

As stated in our Returned Payment Policy, if your payment is returned for any reason, you are required to submit repayment in certified funds. You may also be required to pay the following fees:

●               Re-Registration Fee: $75

●               Returned Payment Fee: $75

Privileges will be permanently revoked for any account with excessive returned payment activity (two or more returned payments issued to the University). If repayment is made with non-certified funds, account holds will not be lifted until the funds have been cleared. This can take up to 14 business days.

Why am I being charged a late fee if I am no longer a student?

Students who have withdrawn, on leave of absence, or put on hold will continue to be contacted by the Business Office and assessed a late fee until the balance is paid in full. Late payment charges at 1.5% will continue to be assessed monthly even though the student is no longer enrolled.

Can I be reinstated to PAU after I pay my account balance in full?

The account balance must be paid in full before the reinstatement process can begin.

Students who were dropped for non-payment and wish to be reinstated must contact the Office of Academic Affairs: Harrianne Mills, Director of Academic Services, 650-433-3846,

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