Tomer Weingarten Appointed to PAU Board of Trustees

July 5, 2022
Tomer Weingarten
Palo Alto University is proud to announce the election of Tomer Weingarten to its Board of Trustees. Weingarten is CEO and Co-Founder of SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, which listed on the NYSE as cybersecurity’s largest IPO. Mr. Weingarten is an experienced investor and advisor to companies at the frontier of technology in domains such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.  
“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Weingarten to Palo Alto University’s Board of Trustees,” said Daniel Kostenbauder, JD, Chair of the PAU Board of Trustees. “Tomer’s unique strengths and important perspectives will surely lead to significant contributions to the University as it addresses pressing and emerging issues through research and training in psychology and counseling.”
Since January 2018, Weingarten has served as an investor and advisor for CyCognito, a cyber-attack surface management platform. Mr. Weingarten also serves as an investor and advisor for Imubit, AI optimization solutions for the oil and chemical processing industries, SecuredTouch, a PingIdentity company, and Javelin Networks, protection software for Active Directory-based cyber-attacks acquired by Symantec. Mr. Weingarten is also an active member and contributor to the Forbes Technology Council.
Mr. Weingarten has held several leadership roles in product management and software development across media and technology. He served as Vice President of Products at Toluna Holdings Limited, a consumer insights technology company he joined following the acquisition of Dpolls, a startup he had previously co-founded. Mr. Weingarten also co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer for Carambola Media Ltd., an interactive media platform for publishers. Weingarten is a serial entrepreneur and business leader passionate about creating inclusive cultures which support the growth and development of those around him.