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Provost Colloquium Series: A Platform for Intellectual Discourse and Knowledge Sharing at PAU

Provost Colloquium

In its inaugural year, Palo Alto University’s Provost Colloquium Series has created a quarterly platform for emerging research and innovative teaching practices here at PAU. This forum for interdisciplinary exchange fosters engaging discussions, with presenters thoughtfully curated by the Provost to represent a diverse range of perspectives that enrich the institution’s academic discourse.

The informal brown bag format was a success, providing an inviting atmosphere where the faculty member shared groundbreaking research, led thought-provoking discussions on captivating topics, and nurtured a dynamic culture of academic dialogue. Each presentation style varies, reflecting the unique approach of each faculty member in sharing and engaging with their audience.

Provost Colloquium 2024

“The positive response to the inaugural Provost Colloquium Series underscores PAU’s flourishing intellectual curiosity and appetite for knowledge-sharing,” stated Provost Erika Cameron. “This colloquium series epitomizes our dedication to continually enhancing academic excellence here at PAU.”

The series has stimulated creativity, cross-pollination of ideas, and an inclusive environment for open exchange across disciplines. This year, Provost Colloquium presenters tackled themes such as navigating societal polarization through our intersectional humanity, overcoming trauma recovery obstacles, leveraging AI for transformative pedagogy, and pioneering LGBTQIA+ affirmative clinical practices.

Provost Colloquium 2024

The Provost Colloquium series is a reflection of PAU’s commitment to producing well-rounded graduates equipped with critical thinking skills essential for driving meaningful change. By creating spaces for the cross-fertilization of diverse ideas and perspectives, we inspire innovative problem-solving mindsets essential for enhancing well-being and building a more just world.

The Provost Colloquium series will continue for years to come. For those who missed sessions or wish to revisit presentation materials and recordings, visit