LGBTQIA+ Leaders Offer Wisdom & Hope for Pride Month

June 1, 2023
Chloe Corcoran
In honor of Pride Month, PAU Director of Alumni Relations Chloe Corcoran and alum and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Nicholas Grant, PhD, share their experiences as national leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly in a time when there is extreme sentiment that is reflected in more anti-LGBTQIA+ bills than ever before.
Nicholas Grant

In this video, they share their inspiring LGBTQIA+ advocacy work, such as Corcoran’s work on the award-winning podcast “Being Trans” and Grant serving as President of GLMA, an organization of health professionals for LGBTQIA+ health equity. Corcoran and Grant candidly share what they hope for in the future, what allies can do to support the cause, and how they stay mentally healthy and find joy amidst injustice.

Additionally, members of the PAU community offered resources and tips for therapists and mental health care consumers alike. These can support individual and communal mental health during these stressful times. Read more.