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Inclusive Excellence Symposium Embodies PAU's Vision for a Just World

Inclusive Excellence Symposium 2024

Palo Alto University's inaugural Inclusive Excellence Symposium on April 24, 2024 is a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the collective pursuit of inclusive excellence at PAU. This event brought PAU’s vision for “a world in which insight into human behavior improves well-being and contributes to just and inclusive communities” into focus. It provided a platform to showcase the pioneering research, innovative programs and compassionate practices emerging from PAU’s faculty, students, and staff.

Through thought-provoking concurrent sessions, attendees gained insight into PAU's multifaceted efforts to address pressing social issues and advance equity in the field of mental health. Topics spanned menstrual dignity, equitable couples counseling, investigating racism’s role in legal proceedings, increasing access to psychedelic therapy for marginalized groups, and providing culturally-responsive mental health support.

The symposium exemplifies how PAU is delivering on our mission to prepare students in psychology, counseling, and social work to equitably meet the evolving needs of our human condition. The compassionate, inclusive work highlighted represents PAU at its best - driving positive social change through education, research, and training.

The symposium serves as a powerful convening ground, bringing together PAU's students, faculty, and staff across a diverse spectrum of initiatives. This cross-pollination of ideas open new pathways for interdisciplinary collaboration.

“The Inclusive Excellence Symposium showcased our community's relentless efforts to create a more equitable, inclusive world. It was a shining representation of how PAU breathes life into its values through teaching, research, service, and an enduring commitment to driving positive social change,” stated Provost Cameron.

The Inclusive Excellence Symposium will be an annual convening where PAU showcases its commitment to learning, training, conducting research, and operating in ways that support and build a more just, inclusive world. For more details on the symposium presentations and PAU's inclusive excellence initiatives, visit

We look forward to seeing you at next year's symposium!