Faculty Honored with 2022 Distinction Awards

October 6, 2022
Faculty Distinction Awards 2022
At the inaugural Faculty Distinction Reception on June 16, 2022, fifteen Palo Alto University faculty were honored for teaching, mentoring, research, and other areas of excellence.
The Faculty Senate honored the following faculty with engraved awards, and their names will be marked on a perpetual plaque housed at the university: 

Excellence in Teaching or Mentoring Award

Eduardo Bunge

Excellence in Service

Rowena Gomez

Excellence in Research

Yan Leykin

People’s Choice

Amanda Fanniff
The Office of Academic Affairs honored the following faculty members:

Provost Award of Excellence in External Grants and Contracts - Silver Award (>$500,000)

Chris Weaver, Joyce Chu, Janice Kuo, Ricardo Muñoz

Provost Award of Excellence in External Grants and Contracts - Bronze Award (>$250,000)

Kimberly Balsam, Amie Haas, Bruce Bongar

Pillar Pioneers Award

Margaret Lamar, Kelly Coker, Eduardo Bunge

Provost Above and Beyond Award

Donna Sheperis
Erika Cameron, PhD, Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs said, "It was an honor last academic year to host the first Faculty Distinction event to acknowledge the accomplishments of our Faculty at PAU. I was touched to see fellow Faculty members cheer on their peers and celebrate the ways in which they have impacted both our community and the world. I was proud to present these awards recognizing their continued commitment to academic excellence through their teaching, research and service."
"Over the last year, I have witnessed the Faculty develop and enhance our programs and curriculum, ensure DEIB principles are meaningfully integrated throughout the PAU curriculum, build community partnerships and continue to develop and expand clinical training and service-learning opportunities," she said. "It makes me proud to be the Provost here at PAU. Congratulations again to those who won awards this past academic year! It was well deserved and I look forward to the next one."