PAU at the 2022 APA Convention

September 6, 2022
PAU at the 2022 APA Convention
Nearly fifty Palo Alto University faculty and students presented at the 2022 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention held in August in Minneapolis. The APA is the largest professional organization of psychologists in the United States, with over 133,000 members. 
The PAU Alumni Association held a Mixer on the evening of August 6th, and more than two dozen alumni, faculty, and staff gathered. This was PAU’s new Director of Alumni Relations, Chloe Corcoran’s, first alumni event and our first in-person gathering since the pandemic began.
Additionally, professor Kimberly Balsam, PhD, was awarded the Laura Brown Award. The Laura Brown Award is given by Division 35, the Society for the Psychology of Women, “to a psychologist who has made outstanding contributions in advancing lesbian, bisexual and transgender women's psychology.”
The following posters, symposia, and events involved members of the PAU community. A PDF scrapbook including photos from the event can be downloaded here.

APA Posters

LGBTQ Cultural Competence and Advertising among Psychologists in Private Practice
  • 1ST Author: Kyle P. Jones
  • Co-Author: Kimberly F. Balsam
Professional Factors and LGBTQ Cultural Competence
  • 1ST Author: Daniel L. Dorsky
  • Co-Authors: Kimberly F. Balsam, Kyle P. Jones, Jasmine Mueller-Hsia
Sense of School Community as a Protective Factor against Language Hassles for Immigrant Youth
  • 1ST Author: Rehan Sheikh
  • Co-Authors: Karla Barajas, Sita G. Patel
Developing a Framework for Cultural Guidelines in Mental Health Psychoeducation Trainings
  • 1ST Author: Djung Jui Helmina Bong 
  • Co-Authors: Melisse Clairneth M. Liwag
Substance Abuse and Relationships among Female First Responders in a Residential Treatment Program
  • 1ST Author: Roshni M. Joseph
  • Co-Authors: Bruce Bongar, Jacie Brown, Mark Kemena, Sam Loomis
Use of Violence Risk Assessment Models at APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Internship Sites
  • 1ST Author: Jason R. Woodruff
  • Co-Authors: Christopher G. Ahnallen, Bruce Bongar, Anna Feinman, Phillip M. Kleespies, Tina Thach
Community Hanging Means Safety: A First Attempt at Action
  • 1ST Author: Sam E. O’Neill
  • Co-Authors: Joyce Chu, Mego Lien, Chris Miller, Santa Clara County Suicide Prevention Oversight Committee
How to Ask About Suicide: Provider Participation
  • 1ST Author: Shikha Saggi 
  • Co-Authors: Joyce Chu, Juliana Ng
Adult Attitudes About Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth
  • 1ST Author: Jacob Cameron
  • Co-Author: Janice Habarth
Self-Compassion, Body Dissatisfaction, and Disordered Eating
  • 1ST Author: Sarah M. Van De Weert
  • Co-Author: Janice Habarth
Using Self-Determination Theory to Sustain Motivation in an Existing Military Model of Leadership
  • 1ST Author: Jennifer A. Miller 
  • Co-Author: Robert Wickham
Depressive Symptoms Moderate Neuroticism and Cognition on Anticipatory Worry in Successful Agers. 
  • 1ST Author: Jamie P. Kiefer
  • Co-Author: Matthew Hollander, Ben Hougaard, Abigail Overstreet, Rowena Gomez
Symptoms of Depression Impact on Well-Being and Cognition in Successful Agers. 
  • 1ST Author: Matthew Hollander 
  • Co-Author: Jamie P. Kiefer, Ben Hougaard, Abigail Overstreet, Rowena Gomez
Depression, Loneliness, and Technology Use in Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
  • 1ST Author: Benjamin Hougaard
  • Co-Author: ,Jamie P. Kiefer, Matthew Hollander, Rowena Gomez
Developing Culturally Responsive Practices to Promote Mental Health for Korean American Older Adults
  • Co-Authors: Siena Cohen-Parikh, John J. Lee, Ka Yin Emma Liu, Jordan Claire H. Salim
Traversing Systems in Couples Tele-Therapy amidst COVID-19 with an Anti-Oppressive Framework
  • Chair: Martha Hernández
  • Participants: Aeriell Armas, Sylvia Ofodu


Mental Health Needs and Recommendations in Humanitarian Crisis Settings – Frontline Lessons Learned
  • Chair: Sita G. Patel
  • Participants: Hannah De Ville, Vicky Bouche, Mental Health and Modern Slavery: A Global Report of Lessons Learned, Alex Garcia, Daniela Gonzalez, Kathleen Hawkins, Frances R. Morales, Alfonso Mercado, Understanding Mental Health and Human Rights Among Migrant Families Along the Texas-Mexico Border, Claire Whitney, Erica McKnight, Suicide Prevention in Humanitarian Settings, Karen Froming, Alain Lazaret, Irene Thomas, William Froming, Mina Dailami, Gender and Symptom Presentation Among Victims of Sexual Trauma in the Central African Republic
Resilience and Stigma among LGBTQ+ People of Color and People of Faith
  • Chair: Gary T. Lefevor
  • Co-Author: Kimberly F. Balsam, Samuel J. Skidmore
  • Participants: Roberto Abreu, Kiet D. Huynh, Do LGBTQ+ People of Color Experience Support from LGBTQ+ Communities like White LGBTQ+ People?, Stress Inoculation Among LGBTQ People of Color: How Experiences of Racism May Buffer Heterosexism, Samuel J. Skidmore, Sydney A. Sorrell
Fostering Mental Health Care Engagement of Low-Income Racial/Ethnic Minoritized, and LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Co-Chairs: Rachel Haine-Schlagel, Alayna L. Park
  • Co-Authors: Margarita Alegria, Miya Barnett, Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Denise Chavira, Nancy Gonzales, Yessica Green Rosas, Joanna Kim, David Langer, Anna S. Lau, Bryce Mcleod
  • Participants: Mary J. Kuckertz, Joyce H. Lui, Hanan Salem, Blanche Wright, 
Promoting Healing for Immigrant Children through Interdisciplinary Advocacy
  • Co-Chairs: Martha Hernández, Stephanie Miodus, Collaborative Advocacy Strategies with Immigration Activists and Community Organizations
  • Participants: Mary B. Quaranta Moroissey, Fostering Healing and Resilience Among Children in Detention Through Relational Practices, Falu Rami, Trauma Informed Care and Cultural Sensitivity When Working With Unaccompanied Afghan Minors
The State of Suicide and Violence Risk Assessment Training in APA-Accredited Internships
  • Co-Chairs: Bruce Bongar, Phillip M. Kleespies
  • Co-Authors: Benjamin T. Hougaard, Roshni M. Joseph, Jason R. Woodruff, The Impact of Attitude in Standards of Training on Violence Risk Assessment, Erin O’Connell, Training in Dynamic Risk Factors for Suicide and Violence Risk Assessment on Internship, Graduate Training in the Use of Screening Tools for Suicide Risk Assessment

APA Policy Fellowships

Congressional, Executive Branch, and Global Mental Health Fellows Share Their Experiences
  • Co-chairs: Gabriel Twose, Ben Vonachen
  • Participants: Erika Felix, Sonji Jones-Manson, Shahana Koslofsky, Sita G. Patel